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  • Welding Machine Industry Solutions

    Welding Machine Industry Solutions

    Recently, our company received inquiries about chillers from customers in Guangxi. The customers are mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of resistance welding machines. Their products are widely used in electronic product welding, lamp welding, and hot pressure welding. Since the resistance head is prone to high temperature during the working process of the resistance welding machine, which affects the accuracy of the processed product, a chiller is needed to cool it next to ensure the accuracy of the processed product.
  • Food Processing Industry Solutions

    Food Processing Industry Solutions

    In many food industries, after the food is processed at high temperature, in order to be able to pack quickly, the temperature of the food needs to be able to meet the packaging requirements. At this time, an industrial chiller is required to cool the processed food quickly and efficiently. fulfil requirements.
  • Vacuum Coating Industry Solutions

    Vacuum Coating Industry Solutions

    The coating machine generally needs to be equipped with a chiller as the cooling equipment of the coating machine (mainly cylindrical target). Cooling water must be added because of its high frequency and large current. When the current flows in the conductor, there is a skin effect, and the charge will accumulate on the surface area of the conductor, so that the conductor heats up, so a mesoporous tube is used as the conductor to add water for cooling.
  • Construction Industry Solutions

    Construction Industry Solutions

    Concrete is one of the most important civil engineering materials in modern times. Concrete must be poured under certain temperature conditions to avoid wall deformation and cracking caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the future. In order to control the casting temperature of concrete, measures are generally taken to control the exit temperature of commercial concrete (5 to 26 degrees). The specific measures are: adding ice chips and chilled water for mixing in summer; using hot water mixing in winter.
  • Machinery and Equipment Industry Solutions

    Machinery and Equipment Industry Solutions

    It is well known that chillers can play a role in cooling and cooling mechanical equipment used in various industries, but in fact, chillers have other different effects on each type of mechanical equipment.
  • Injection Molding Industry Solutions

    Injection Molding Industry Solutions

    In the plastics industry, the chiller mainly acts on the molding mold of plastic processing machinery. It injects frozen water into the runner inside the mold, cools the mold at a constant temperature through heat exchange, and maintains the temperature at a constant state to meet the needs of the production process. In this process, the mold is equivalent to a heat exchanger. Let's look at the cold water injection molding machine solution provided for a plastic factory in detail below:
  • Electroplating Industry Solutions

    Electroplating Industry Solutions

    An electroplating company is mainly a large-scale enterprise engaged in metal and plastic electroplating, with multiple electroplating workshops, mainly engaged in plastic metal electroplating.
  • Electronics Industry Solutions

    Electronics Industry Solutions

    Recently, I received a call from a customer to inquire about the chiller. The customer wants to cool down the industrial lighting equipment. It is understood that the heat source of this industrial lighting equipment is mainly from the LED lamp bead and the heat is exported from the PCB circuit board. As a result, the entire product has a very high calorific power. Due to the extremely high temperature, a chiller is required for cooling.
  • Chemical Industry Solutions

    Chemical Industry Solutions

    The chemical industry has very strict requirements on the production environment (temperature, humidity), so the demand for refrigeration equipment is relatively large.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

    Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

    The medical and pharmaceutical industry is widely used in the comprehensive reaction vessel of the reactor to design the structure, function and configuration accessories of the reactor according to the reaction conditions.