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One-stop solution service provider for refrigeration engineering

Jecicool  is the own brand of Guangdong Jecicool  Refrigeration Machinery Co.,Ltd. The company is located in Yangchun City, Guangdong Province, which is famous for "Ink Yangchun, Baili Gallery". It is a modern high-tech comprehensive company focusing on the research and development, production, sales and engineering services of chillers, low-temperature chillers, screw chillers, open chillers, dual-purpose temperature controllers, heat pumps, water towers, etc. 

Independently manage R&D, design, sheet metal, painting, heat exchangers, cooling towers, screw chillers and other core industrial chain links to fully guarantee the quality of equipment

Technical advantages

Incorporate more new technologies and upgrade equipment performance in multiple dimensions to help customers improve their competitiveness

  • 1Imported core components

    Using imported brand compressors, higher working efficiency, more stable performance, lower noise and longer service life

  • 4Precise Temperature Control

    Adopting precision digital display temperature controller, intuitive display, easy operation, precise control of water temperature, temperature error ±1℃

  • 2PLC electric control system

    Accurately adjust and control the cooling capacity and cooling load of the unit through an industrial-grade PLC controller to ensure higher cooling efficiency with more reasonable energy consumption

  • 5Convenient operating system

    Independent research and development and design of equipment operating system, full English interface, reasonable functional layout, clear and clear logic, easy operation and good experience

  • 3All stainless steel water pump

    Selected high-quality stainless steel water pumps from Italy or Taiwan. The pumps have the characteristics of high lift, low noise and stability, suitable for scenes with high water quality requirements.

  • 6Intelligent protection warning

    Integrate multiple safety protection and early warning functions such as water cut, low temperature, high and low pressure, antifreeze, phase loss, delayed start, reverse phase overload, motor overheating, etc.

Refrigeration solution

Dozens of industry solutions, customized targeted refrigeration solutions according to your actual needs

Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions
The medical and pharmaceutical industry is widely used in the comprehensive reaction vessel of the reactor to design the structure, function and configuration accessories of the reactor according to the reaction conditions.
Chemical Industry Solutions
The chemical industry has very strict requirements on the production environment (temperature, humidity), so the demand for refrigeration equipment is relatively large.
Electronics Industry Solutions
Recently, I received a call from a customer to inquire about the chiller. The customer wants to cool down the industrial lighting equipment. It is understood that the heat source of this industrial lighting equipment is mainly from the ...
Electroplating Industry Solutions
An electroplating company is mainly a large-scale enterprise engaged in metal and plastic electroplating, with multiple electroplating workshops, mainly engaged in plastic metal electroplating.
Injection Molding Industry Solutions
In the plastics industry, the chiller mainly acts on the molding mold of plastic processing machinery. It injects frozen water into the runner inside the mold, cools the mold at a constant temperature through heat exchange, and maintains ...
Machinery and Equipment Industry Solutions
It is well known that chillers can play a role in cooling and cooling mechanical equipment used in various industries, but in fact, chillers have other different effects on each type of mechanical equipment.
Construction Industry Solutions
Concrete is one of the most important civil engineering materials in modern times. Concrete must be poured under certain temperature conditions to avoid wall deformation and cracking caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the futu...
Vacuum Coating Industry Solutions
The coating machine generally needs to be equipped with a chiller as the cooling equipment of the coating machine (mainly cylindrical target). Cooling water must be added because of its high frequency and large current. When the current ...
Food Processing Industry Solutions
In many food industries, after the food is processed at high temperature, in order to be able to pack quickly, the temperature of the food needs to be able to meet the packaging requirements. At this time, an industrial chiller is require...
Welding Machine Industry Solutions
Recently, our company received inquiries about chillers from customers in Guangxi. The customers are mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of resistance welding machines. Their products are widely used in electronic product weld...

Strength guarantee

Experience, technology, strength, and service grow in all dimensions, and provide reliable cooperation guarantee for every customer

  • Before-sale services
    Tell customers how to use our products and matters needing attention. Guide customers to choose the best and economic product, recover the investment within short time. Site inspection if cuustomer need.

    In-sale services: Quality control must be inspected strictly. In accordance with the agreements stipulated in the contract.
  • 40,000 M²Industry Base
    Invest in the construction of independent manufacturing bases in Yangchun, Shenzhen and Shanghai, covering a total area of more than 40,000 square meters. There are sheet metal processing plants, spray paint processing plants, heat exchanger processing plants, cooling towers, screw chiller plants and other manufacturing plants, which guarantee the production efficiency and quality management of equipment by mastering more independent production management rights.

    Modern industrial manufacturing base


    Manufacturing team


    Units/year capacity

  • 20+Patented Technology
    Since 2006, it has successively established scientific research cooperation with research institutions/universities such as the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen University, etc., and jointly carried out research projects in the field of refrigeration equipment technology, committed to promoting the high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, and Intelligent development, so far has completed more than 90 million yuan in scientific research investment, accumulatively won dozens of patent certifications and awards.

    Research cooperation unit


    R & D Engineer


    Patented technology certification


    Million scientific research investment

  • After-sale services
    If the project needs our installation guidance, we can send our engineer and translator. We can also send customer installation video to teach them how to fix and operate with our product. Usually our product warranty is 12 months after leaving factory. Within these months, all parts broken under regular use will be responsible for our factory. Regular contact with customer, consult with the customer's feedback.

Customer Case

Planning and delivery of the whole case to create a high-value refrigeration project

Technical Information

Synchronize market/customer demand changes and continue to upgrade technology